Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Sharing 'New' Google Sites across google domains - SOLVED!

You can publish your new Google Site across domains using a simple workaround.

Here is what most of us discover
New Google Sites allows you to publish to the world or publish to your domain.
Publishing options in New Sites
So then you think "I'll open sharing and share the site to the student group". But you can't. You can only add others as editors and not as viewers.

Work around
This is so incredibly simple, I feel frustrated that I didn't come across it earlier
  1. Find the Website in google drive (use Type:site as a filter).
  2. Shift + Z the website file (or move it) into a folder with the permission you want. In the case of a teacher who is in a different domain to their students, the teacher add's the site to a folder permissioned to their students as viewers. 
  3. The site file inherits the student group as viewers. That's it...

Is this common knowledge and am I just discovering it?