Tuesday, 8 September 2015

DASHBOARDS - Chasing hearts or chasing averages?

Look at most school improvement plans and you'll see "Data-driven decision making" as one of the strategic objectives. This has led to an enormous appetite for Dashboards. A Dashboard is a mashup of data from many sources. We provide one to our schools that is very powerful and as we continue to gain greater and greater programmatic access to our sources of data, we are integrating more and more into our dashboard.

This information comes from many different source systems: Student Information System (SIS); Timetable service (source of truth for classes and subjects); Google Apps for Education and Naplan data. Then there are other systems we are still to tap into:
  1. Proxy and filter services provide information about users' browsing history; 
  2. Our employment services system provides data about teacher QCOT PD hours and Accreditation to teach RE hours.... 
  3. PatR and PatM testing provides data on student reading and mathematics
The screen mockups below show two integration projects we are currently working on:

The first screen shows a student's web history. The second is a student “About me” page, a pre-determined template that students are free to complete any way they wish. They can use text, video, recorded voice etc. They can also leave links to other work they do or other things they are proud of. It maybe photos of something they have built; a video where they introduce the viewer to their community service group; a link to a quality piece of assessment they have completed etc.

... See my earlier post on Student Managed Digital Portfolios (SMDPs).