Sunday, 9 August 2015

Student Managed Digital Portfolios (SMDP)

We are getting better and better at collecting information about students and presenting it in Dashboards. “Data driven decision making” has been the driver, and our target audience has been the teacher and more recently the parent. But if you are looking to ignite a spark in the heart of the learner, a largely untapped resource is the Student Managed Digital Portfolio (SMDP). 

An SMDP is a self-authored, self-managed student digital portfolio designed to profile a student's capacities; beliefs and reflections about themselves and the world. The phenomenon is based on this notion, except it is for adults.

Are we ready for SMDPs in schools?

Our Google Apps rollout, fibre to every school and wireless to every classroom has meant that there are no technical barriers to every student in the diocese producing content and publishing it for a target audience. Helping students manage and control access to that content would be part of our Cybersafety and Digital Citizenship training.

(With apologies to "Mean Girls")

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