Monday, 13 July 2015

Have you seen Teach Tech Play?

New Paradigms for Professional Development

There are some exciting new ways to deliver professional development in our schools. Teach Tech Play is one of these. It is a monthly Google Hangout hosted by two Melbourne teachers: Michael Ha & Eleni Kyritsis

"Educators are invited to share ideas, lessons & tools they are using. The winner is crowned the Play King/Queen of the month"

For those of you familiar with Google Summits, it's an extension of the Demo Slam. 

Click here to open episode 1 and hopefully many of the other episodes will just appear down the side (see my screen capture above). Or if you are on Google+, click here and follow the community.

E_Learning guides, I encourage you to make use of these as part of your PD sessions. Even better, why not join the community and volunteer to present?

A few things to remember
  • Select tools that do not require students to give their information as part of some registration process. Always look for the "Log in with Google" button. It means Google handles the authentication.
  • Look for the options that are browser based apps and extensions. It means they will probably work on Chromebooks. 
  • If you don't have a huge budget, it doesn't mean you can't participate. Most apps that are demonstrated are free  
  • Do the paperwork so your staff can gain QCOT hours. 

A big thank you to the Teach Teach Play team for this initiative.

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