Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Be careful when you sync Google Drive

Our Google Drive is now being used as a replacement for our traditional network drive. The problem is that people have their Google Drive synchronised to their desktop and suddenly they find they have no more space on their desktop.

A number of factors will lead to problems for your school or organisation

  1. When you sync Google drive to your device, the default is that it syncs everything.
  2. Google drive doesn't let you sync sub-folders. eg. you only want "Year 3 2015 Semester 1" but because its root folder is "Curriculum SCTSV" you end up with files from 2010-2014 and from multiple year levels.

4 Steps to solving this problem 

4. Choose a folder in your Google Drive and sync that, then move everything into that folder that you wish to have synced using Shift+Z. See Video below.

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