Thursday, 7 May 2015

Why does Google make "Change" so inconspicuous?

You are going down the path of Google Drive as a corporate share to replace a network drive. If you share google docs and folders as "Can edit", here's a tip that will save you lots of pain. 

1. You are a collaborator so you share files to large groups of people as "Can edit".
2. They get the notification in their Gmail and then click the little button on top right to "Add to drive"
3. Say the folder is called "Resources". Well a month down the track they are cleaning up their "My drive" and see three folders called Resources. One is theirs and there are two others that people have shared with them.  So they do what anyone would do... They start to drag things around and reorganise. 


Editors of files and folders can accidentally 

- add others (by dragging stuff into folders and the folder permissions get inherited)
- delete others who may have been editors or viewers. When you do this, files can disappear out of a folder for one person but still appear in that same folder for someone different. This is how Google Drive works. (See video below)
- delete files out of the folder where you left it (This is the most frustrating ) ...and you can no longer find the file anywhere


Using the "Change" function above and setting it to "Only the owner can change the permission" solves most of these issues.... There are a few more practices that I discuss in earlier blog entries:

Google Drive as a network drive replacement.


Why use the Drive App?

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Why use the Drive App?

This video demonstrates

1. Why install the Drive App at all?
2. How to sync some folders to your device and not others.

Particularly relevant for those moving corporate network drives to Google Drive.