Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Creating tables with merged cells in Google Docs

I need to merge cells in a Google Doc table.....

A neat workaround if you want to add editable tables in Google docs containing merged cells.
  • Make the table in Word or Excel, Sheets or Presentations. Do your merging. Then copy the table. In Google docs, go to Insert, Drawing. (I bet you wondered why Google had this feature that forces you to create a drawing on the fly... Here is why.) When you paste your table into the Drawing window, then click "Save and Close", the merged table is embedded in your Google Doc as though it was created within the doc. But what is really neat is that anyone with edit rights on the doc can double click and edit the contents of the table.

Accidental deletions when composing Gmail

How many times have I done this.... I am in the middle of composing an email in Gmail and I accidentally delete a whole section of my message.... Gmail does not have an undo button.... So I grit my teeth and retype. But you can undo in Gmail.
Ctrl+Z will undo in Gmail.

Actually, it will undo in most things. I get so used to using the features in modern applications that I forget the old keyboard shortcuts.

Ctrl+K Add a hyperlink
Ctrl+B Bold the selected text bold
Ctrl+I Italicize the selected text italic
Ctrl+U Underline the selected text
Ctrl+Backspace Delete the previous word
Ctrl+Del Delete the next word
Ctrl+F Find some text in the current document
Ctrl+Z Undo your last action