Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Creating a Photo Gallery on my class site

I want to create a photo gallery on my class site...
Here is a short video - less than 3 minutes.
You could have used an Announcements page. ... It would let you place multiple galleries underneath each other and then using the "Recent Posts" feature in Google Sites, 

you can insert a summary page that looks like this.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Surface RT... Love at first sight....or NOT

Love at first sight....but not at first site

My first thoughts when I started using a Surface RT was WOW... Loved the stand, loved the high quality feel and loved the education price (under $300) . Could this be a real alternative to Chromebooks as we search for ways to deliver 1:1 post Federal funding for devices?

How could we lose?
  1. We have apps available offline - Word, Excel. Powerpoint no less...
  2. A browser to get to our Google suite
  3. A touch screen. Using my finger, I was able to do this..... Man, the younger kids are going to love this.
I went to Google Apps and signed in.
  1. Google+ works like a charm until you try and do hangouts... It can't install the plugin.
  2. Gmail is unusable. I was getting sick of the message " is not responding due to a long running script". It kept crashing Gmail and restarting the browser.
  3. I love the research function in Google writer. Especially the bit where you can search for an item, drag images from the research pane directly into your doc, and the citation appears automatically. The only problem is it doesn't work on a Surface RT. To be fair, the feature doesn't work on IE full stop regardless of the device. And this is the biggest issue.... The RT only uses IE and you can't install an alternative.
I wanted this to work....I even gave it 3 weeks just in case there was an update just around the corner that would change everything. But there hasn't been....

VERDICT: If Google Apps is a significant part of your elearning strategy, a Surface RT is useless.

(P.S - It is a beautiful machine.... Does anyone know how I can sneak Chrome onto it?)