Monday, 20 May 2013

Staff and student OUs and Google+

Google+ & Hangouts are now enabled on all school domains for STAFF only.

It lets you...
...collaborate with up-to 10 people on a video chat. You instigate it. You arrange it. You do the invitations.
...record the conversation as a live stream on You Tube and allow others to participate in real time or after the event.
...set-up on-line, real-time, live lessons. You can share documents or interact on a virtual whiteboard with your live participants.
...divide up up your "friends" into different groups and share to a specific group.
...tag your responses with anything you like. If others start to use the same tags, you can find each other's contributions easily by searching via the tag.

Staff and student OUs We enabled these on all school domains last week and archived any accounts that don't have a current staff and student user for 2013. Please check here for the documentation.

We have turned on Google+ and hangouts only for people who fall into the staff OU.

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