Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Loop-back when you use SAML to log into CHROME

Having looping issues with SAML and Google?

Our users like signing in to Chrome because it allows them to share bookmarks and extensions on multiple devices. But sometimes, when they try  and sign-in, SAML sends them into an infinite loop.

The reason is that Chrome is trying to open a Pop-up to ask permission to do this and by default, pop-ups are blocked.

Un-block pop-ups and you fix the problem.

It's under settings, privacy, content settings.

SORRY.... False alarm. That doesn't work. Still need a fix for this problem..

Good question!
When you log into the Chrome browser, you allow your machine to be "managed" by the Chrome management console. In a school setting, it means you inherit  a whole heap of APPs pre-installed by your admin. This is great if the school is purchasing apps in bulk for student use. They can be pushed to all users via the ADMIN dashboard. Users need to be logged in to Chrome to get the apps.... The other big advantage is that  if the user logs on to a different machine and then logs into Chrome, (eg their home machine), they get exactly the same apps and shortcuts....

So what is the downside?....
To get the benefits, you have to agree to:

If you are a Chromebook school, all student devices are managed via the Admin console. In fact the admin push down proxy settings, wireless keys, apps, and a whole heap of other stuff. A non-chromebook using the Chrome browser doesn't get the same degree of management when the user is logged in to Chrome....


  1. Same issue happens whether on the TSV SAML or the CEnet SAML. No different whether I am at home or behind the proxy...

  2. I can replicate this problem and it's only an issue when attempting to sign in with the menu option above. I found, it you interrupt the loop and open any google app directly, the sign in completes okay.

    It doesn't look like anything to do with popups. Advice for users here would be to sign in from a Google Page or using your Google instance URL.

  3. This is a known problem in v26 of Chrome. The current dev-channel build of v28 fixes this issue.

  4. Thanks Pete... It does too.... EXCELLENT... If people are not keen to install a developer version of Chrome, I am sure it won't be long before this comes out as an update. Also the version you provide has an apps list on the top left of the browser... equivalent to the apps list on a Chromebook. (See screen dump in my amended post)