Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Gmail opens and auto-populates TO, Subject and Body

This BLOG is a little TECKY but I think some of you will  find ways to use it for other things like Bully Boxes, Assignment Submission etc etc...

When students and staff are using Gmail as their default browser, you can create URLs that open directly in email and have a pre-define subject and even headings for the body. So user clicks  a link on a menu. It opens up in Gmail  and auto-populates a number of the email fields like To, Subject, etc

Click here  to see an example.

How do we use it?
We have this as a link on  all our school intranets to simplify the process of submitting helpdesk requests...

So what is hidden under  the link?

Have a try changing the body message, changing the to address and changing the subject.... Its not as hard as it first looks.