Sunday, 6 January 2013

Module 9 - Social Networking

Social Networking is a great area of interest for students but you are reminded that the diocese has a policy that prevents the use of Facebook and other ‘open’ systems between teacher and student. Please see this page for our position and you may wish to review our policy on ‘open’ vs ‘closed’ systems. 

We want teachers to do the Web2 course with the intention of using the skills with their classes. To that end, teachers are encouraged to expore the following as part of this module:

  1. Scootle
  2. Favosaurus
  3. Clipular
This is how the Australian Government has chosen to catalogue and distribute resources for the Australian Curriculum. Up till now, Townsville teachers have used school based subscriptions to Scootle managed by school librarians. Teachers could self register via a school specific URL.

Now we are asking users to acess Scootle via Catholic Network Australia (CNA). To do this you have to go to the CNA portal, then "Education Services", then "CNA Teacher Resources". That takes you to the screen below and you have to click on Scootle.

Here are links to how to guides/videos that may help you set up Google sites that distribute Scootle resources for your class.

Which of these social & professional networking tools could enhance learning, both in my classroom and beyond it, and how?

This booklet explores a range of strategies teachers can use in social, collaborative and co-operative learning settings to enhance student learning. It has been written specifically for the Townsville schools exploring the use of Chromebooks but the activities apply equally to staff and students with other devices.

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