Sunday, 30 December 2012

Module 8: Managing your flow of information on the Internet

RSS Feeds

Because Google Reader is integrated into the Google Suite, we suggest users concentrate on that product. You can find it under "more" when logged in to any core Google product.

I have never used RSS feeds but having seen the You Tube videos in this module I intend trying them out. Google reader features such as setting alerts seem really powerful... 

WOW.... Love this
I have set up READER with my favourite news feeds. It even lets me add people's blogs....

How might I use them in a classroom

I found this on the Brisbane Grammar website:

  1. I would encourage students to collect and organise feeds using their own folder system
  2. If we are starting a new topic, ask them to create feeds to those topics.
  3. Help students set-up feeds about things that interest them...

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