Saturday, 1 December 2012

Module 7: Building On-line communities

Social Bookmarking

Here's an idea. Have students set up bookmarks and tag them with the relevant KLA. When they share their bookmarks with their peers,  the whole class gets access to everyone else's research and discoveries.

Delicious is a great product but it doesn't integrate with Google Apps accounts so to use with students they would have to register and give their details on-line.  See  discussion here of 'open' vs 'closed'. So I looked for a social bookmarking product that:

  1. Integrated with Google Apps
  2. Was OK for use by students under 13.
I found


It lets you tag and share with others.
Once you install it, go to That places a shortcut on your Chrome browser Bookmark bar. When you click it, it instantly adds the site you are in to Flavosuarus.

Building Communities

I really enjoyed reading the Blogs of others. Here is an example of comments I have left behind.

And here is a second contribution.

Other communities where I contribute include:

  1. Inquiry-Based Learning
  2. Innovator Grant
  3. School Intranet communities

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