Saturday, 1 December 2012

Module 5 - Creating and Communicating Online

Has anyone else had trouble inserting multiple iages in a blog? It is impossible to insert images where you want in a blog. Or is it because I have numbering?  That is frustrating. I was trying to insert the Creately digram and it kept putting it at the top of the page. It refuses to move under


This is a creative alternative to Powerpoint. It made me think of fractals and the Madelebrot set.
Prezi lets you go deeper and deeper into an image and create entire worlds of content in a word or picture that starts off the size of a pinhead.... You need to try it to know what I mean. Here's one I created to outline the ICT vision for the diocese. It was a presentation for our Executive Leadership Team.

As good as Prezi is, one needs an account and for students, they must be over 12 and they have to self-register. It is therefore something a teachers should not be guiding their students to do.

Glogster EDU
Looks brilliant. Loved the example where the student had used Glogster to parody Shakespeare. Found that I could log in as a student or teacher using my Google account but once in I couldn't get Glogster to work. ( I have used it before but not the educational version). It would not let me load a template to get started. (Could have been because I was on the Chromebook OR because the site was down).


1.Google Draw
Here is the same mindmap done in Google Draw. I haven't added colour or anything fancy.
Pros: It let me embed hyperlinks. It is integrated into Google apps. No need to register with a third party. All diagrams are stored in Docs. You can collaborate on diagrams. Worth mastering because it allows so much more than mindmapping alone.
Cons: Not as pretty out of the box or as easy. But not a big deal to colour the boxes. I lose the embedded hyperlinks when I insert into this blog. (The hyperlink is preserved when I insert a drawing in a Google doc direct from the Google doc.)

2. Creately
    Pros: Integrated with Google. Staff and students have access via Google account. That means they can share a diagram and collaborate on the same diagram. It lets you hyperlink to other Creately diagrams but not to external sites or links (It says it can, but I couldn't). Maybe that is a feature that comes with a paid account.

    Cons: Not as simple as More options means more complexity.


Pros: No need to sign in. I made this, captured it and inserted it in about 2 minutes.

Cons:  To collaborate, you need to make an account. It is not integrated with Google account. Please do not encourage students to give their details to a third party.

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