Friday, 23 November 2012

Module 4 - POD casts and VOD

Vodcasts and Podcasts fascinate me because I am committed to giving students a voice and believe in the student as a creator paradigm. A prep student can go out with an ipad and take videos of living things or non-living things with commentary long before they can write or type the same.

Click here to see a series of Vodcasts I have created to help teachers deal with the transition to Google Apps.

I use a Chromebook and it doesn't have a Voice recorder like a Windows machine so you have to find an app from the App store. I haven't done that. My tendancy is to use my iPhone to record voice then send the files by email. You can then embed this in a Google site as explained here.

My reflections on module 4

In Activity 4, I  followed the Teachers TV link and discovered these other links

Each took you to a world of resources...

Creative Education
This link for example, is 3490 resources in 350 scrolling pages. Here was just one of the resources.
This was a brilliant demonstration of multiple intelligences and how we need to teach in a way that touches multiple learning styles.  

Again, thousands of links to rich resources, mostly vodcasts. I found myself looking through this section.
I followed the Maths link to a whole series of videos that showed classroom practice in teaching 100s of Maths concepts. 

(P.s - this blog post and all the sites visited, images captured and experiences explored were done using a Chromeboook tethered to my phone for internet access. )