Monday, 31 January 2011

Reflections On Catholic Leadership

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I just spent two days on Magnetic Island with the Executive Leadership team from Townsville Catholic Education. What have I learned about leadership and how will it influence my role?

Catholic leaders have two responsibilities. Firstly, they are called to discover the voice of Jesus working from inside them. Secondly, they have a responsibility to create the conditions, provide the resources and deliver the support to those they lead so they too can discover their personal Christ and march to the beating of his drum. Your vision and passion emanates from a sense that you are doing God's work, and becomes the way in which those you lead discover the living Christ.

So where is God's call and the voice of Jesus in the Information Communication Technology dimension of school life? How much of what schools are doing in ICT emanate from Compliance rather than passion or some commitment to a greater cause?

Most challenging for me was the realisation that I may in fact be creating conditions where people are adding bricks to walls rather than building Cathedrals. When we are left to do God's work, even the mundane and day-to-day feel as though it is contributing to something extraordinary. But if your life is about living out someone else's agenda or ticking the right boxes for them, then your actions are being fuelled by fear and power rather than a burning passion or commitment.

Leaders instil passion and commitment. They influence through respect rather than position. .

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